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REAC Inspector Notice No. 2010-01 instructs inspectors about procedures for collecting data on bed-bug infestations. Effective September 13, 2010, all REAC inspectors will be required to report the presence or existence of bed bugs at any property being inspected. Inspectors will not enter a unit if bed bugs are reported in that unit. In these cases, inspectors will select "Other Hazard" for the reason the unit is uninspectable and write "bed bugs" as the comment. An alternate unit will then be selected.


According to the notice, "The presence and/or treatment of bed bugs will not be scored in the UPCS inspection. This data, however, is being collected to ensure that HUD program participants maintain HUD properties in decent, safe and sanitary condition, and in good repair."


For more information, please see: http://www.hud.gov/offices/reac/products/pass/PDFs/bedbugs-notice.pdf.

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Margaret Carbajal said:

Bed Bugs
So, this obviously applies to HUD buildings. How are Section 8 HQS inspectors to handle this with private landlords? Should my inspectors not enter when we know there are bedbugs present? Do we inspect after treatment? Thanks for the input.
July 22, 2011
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