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PBCA Transition Process Update

NAHMA participated on a call with industry colleagues and HUD staff to receive an update on the PBCA transition process. A number of PBCAs have filed challenges with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) regarding some of the PBCA contract rebid outcomes which has left many questions about the status of the transition.


HUD will be continuing the PBCA transition process in states that HAVE NOT had challenges to the PBCA contract awards filed with the Government Accountability Office (GAO).  The Department will be sending out "grant award agreements" and relevant documents in the next week or so.  The PBCA transition will still occur on October 1 in these states, and PBCAs are expected to meet the transition deadlines specified in the PBCA Transition Guidebook.


HUD will be suspending the PBCA transition process in states that HAVE had challenges to the PBCA contract awards filed with GAO until further notice.  The Department has filed a motion to dismiss the protests with the GAO; however, HUD has not received any indication of when the GAO plans to take action on HUD's motion to dismiss the protests.  Furthermore, HUD did not have a timeframe for when they expected the transition process to begin again.  The Department does plan to update the transition timeline in the PBCA Transition Guidebook for states experiencing contract award protests if and when the transition resumes.


Current PBCAs in challenged states will continue regular operations through the end of their contracts, September 30.  No other decisions in regards to PBCAs have been made at this time.  HUD plans to update the industry as more information becomes available.


HUD plans to send out an email blast and post this update to the PCBA website on Monday.  The PBCA website is located here: http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/program_offices/housing/mfh/rfp/sec8rfp


HUD will also include a list of states that do not have pending protests with the GAO with the communication they plan to send out on Monday so that stakeholders know if the PBCA transition in their state will move forward or be delayed.

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